As time has gone on, we have learned that an active church in the community is the most effective evangelistic tool.

A church that has earned the right to speak into its society. A church that has opened the eyes and ears of the community by serving that community and now, can speak the truth and be heard, not ridiculed.

Outreach Ministries

Outreach ministries focus on the spiritual needs of the congregation and members of the community for every age, gender, and socio-economical status. Jesus’ Great Commandment was to go to the ends of the earth and preach the Gospel. Through every opportunity and outlet, we look to spread the Gospel in our community and our nation by raising up disciples who make more disciples first in our very city.



Kids’ Clubs and Festivals

“The goal of Kids' Clubs is to present the Gospel to the youngest members of the community in fun ways that attract their attention. Riza and his team work to build the foundation of faith and discipleship before the children move to the next ministry and become the next leaders of the church and the nation. Festivals are organized to promote Kids' Club and other Gospel centered events organized by the church.”

Riza MyftyragoTeam Leader

Outreach To At-Risk Girls

“Since its founding in 2013, this ministry has reached teen girls from Roma Gypsie families because of their vulnerability and risk of young marriage. Valentina helps these girls do better in school, grow in their life skills, and prays they come to faith in Christ.”

Pre-Teen Programs

“The pre-teen population of the church are taught through a scripture-centered curriculum that focuses both on disciple and fun. Students aged eleven and twelve gather in the church to learn Gospel stories and memorize scripture while also having fun and cultivating relationships.”

Loren NuriTeam Leader

Youth Programs

“During the impressionable years of junior high and high school it is necessary to strengthen and build upon the foundation of faith. The very goal of the youth program is to build up the next generation of believers who will lead the growing community of believers in the church and in Albania. The youth meet a few times a week for Bible studies, lessons, fun activities, and fellowship.”

Florjan Adili and Loren NuriTeam Leaders

Compasssion Ministries

Compassion ministries focus on the physical needs of the congregation and members of the community. When Christ came to earth, he sought out the poor, sick, fatherless, widowed, and abandoned members of society. It is our goal to love like he did and to bring people from all walks of life into a relationship with Jesus Christ while also meeting their mental, physical, financial, and spiritual needs.


“The Kennedy Foundation clinic provides medical check-ups, physical therapy sessions, equipment rentals, and in-home nurse visits. Each nurse and therapist is qualified and well-trained to care for physical needs while meeting the person with love and kindness. The clinic treats over two hundred patients a month via the above services. OAC Albania partners with Kennedy on this project.”

Street Kids’ Center

“The day center in Korce opened in 2003 and another in Libonik shortly after as a response to the numerous children seen begging on the streets. These kids spend most of their days unsupervised and in bad conditions. The centers are safe places for them to be cared for and loved. The centers have expanded since their openings and now have other programs. This is a Kennedy Foundation project and OAC Albania partners with them.”

Safe Homes

Girls’ Home

“After the day center was opened, a need for a safe house became abundantly clear. The staff of the center discovered the living situations of the children who came to the center. To save at-risk girls from these horrible conditions, a safe house for girls was opened in 2005 by Kennedy Foundation to provide a safe shelter and home for these girls to grow up in the faith and learn skills for life. OACA has partnered with them in this.”

Boys’ Home

“God provided Kennedy Foundation with the ability and funds to open another center in 2019, but this time for at-risk boys in Albania. Just like the girls at the home, these boys are raised in a safe and loving environment. They are taught life skills, assisted with school work, and raised in their faith. OACA has partnered with Kennedy Foundation.”

Senior Living

“Too often elderly citizens in Albania are abandoned by their families and spend their retirement alone. They suffer loneliness, sickness, starvation, and other deplorable conditions. Vila Kenedi was built in 2012 by the Kennedy Foundation with the capability to house and care for twenty-eight elderly people from a biblical perspective. OACA has partnered with them in this endeavor.”

Special Education

“Just as the elderly are abandoned and forgotten so are those with learning and developmental disabilaties. God does not forgot or leave them behind and neither will we. Our special education teacher has weekly appointments with children with varying delays to improve their motor and emotional skills. She also visits the special needs home every week to do therapy sessions and Bible lessons with the residents. This is a Kennedy Foundation project and OAC Albania has partnered with them.”

Meal Delivery

“There are more elderly residents in Albania beyond the residents of Kennedy Foundations Senior Home. They have no one to care for them. In addition to loneliness and sicknesses, they suffer from hunger. Every week, Monday to Friday around 100 meals are delivered to households in Korce/Maliq/Pogradec and the surrounding villages to seniors in great need. OAC Albania has partnered with Kennedy Foundation on this project.”