Once the eyes and ears of society have been opened evangelism needs to place quickly.

This means striking when the iron is hot and it requires people fully trained and ready to do so. We need people to be equipped. We need the training of the saints to become a part of the DNA of local churches.

National Workers

Altin and Suzana Dumka

Altin is from Korça and has worked for the church for many years. He is attending Bible School and will graduate in March 2021. Suzana is from Korça and has attended the church since 2002. In 2006, she began volunteering in the village church plants and has been on staff with OACA since 2017. They are devoted to the many ministries and outreach opportunities that come with planting a church in Kamënica. Any day of the week you can find them meeting with people of all ages for various ministries.

Mikel Kyçyku

He is from Plasa and he works with the local church plant. He accepted Christ as his savior in 2015 while attending church programs in his village. Shortly after graduating Bible school in 2020, he joined the evangelism team that travels to villages distributing literature and sharing the gospel. Keli’s dedication to church planting is evident to anyone who knows him. Each week, he visits a village near his own, to evangelize and disciple those who accepted Christ during his previous visits. He gathers in the open air with the beginning members of this church plant.

Dilton and Englantina Lika

Toni is from Korca and Egla is from a small village called Libonja. Toni has been a believer since 2003. He began working alongside the church as a staff of OACA in 2009. In 2015, Toni and Egla began to work in the Pojan church plant and moved to Pojan full time in 2016. They work with their volunteers to put on programs for all ages and to provide care to the people of the village. Through their leadership, the amount of young believers continues to grow in Pojan. The next generation is growing and preparing for their time to lead the church in the footsteps of Toni and Egla.

Stiljan Isa

He is from a village ten minutes outside of Korce. He was baptized in 2015 after attending the church for some time. He graduated from Bible school in the spring of 2020 and in the summer he came on as OACA staff. Stiljan desires to bring the good news of Jesus all across Albania. Multiple times a week, rain or shine, he travels to a village near Korce to evangelize. He dreams that these seeds will grow into a group of disciplines that share his vision of reaching the nation for Christ. He is involved with the junior high and children's ministry at the church plant in Kuç.

Rudina Lengu

Rudina is from the village of Pojan. She spent her childhood attending the kids' program, but distanced herself from the church as she passed into her teen years. Near the end of high school she was invited to attend English camp where she had a life changing experience that brought her back to God and back to being involved with the church. Since then she has been volunteering with Toni and Egla at the Pojan church plant. Recntly, she has stepped from volunteer status to official staff member. Her primary role is working with the children and teen programs.

Mesina Vitollari

In 2014, she was at a summer camp when she accepted Jesus as her savior and welcomed him into her life to transform it. Immediately she began helping at the church, driven by her desire to bring more people to Jesus. While in Tirana for school she realized the great need for Jesus in the capital city. She is now full-time staff at our church plant there. Her responsibilities include developing a children’s ministry, administrative work, grant writing, sewing ministry, and women’s ministry.

Riza Myftarago

He is from Korce and has been attending church programs since he was eleven when his brother invited him and his friend. He became a Christian and immediately began volunteering with. In 2017, he became an official staff member of OACA. He worked in a supporting role with the children’s ministry until 2019, when he stepped up into the leader’s role. Since then, he has coordinated the transition from four kids’ clubs to one central location at the church, managing to keep a huge percentage of the kids. He also organized a VBS that reached over 500 kids from Korce and seven surrounding villages.

Xhentil Kora

He is from the village of Plasa. While attending the church plant programs, he became a believer in 2013. Immediately he began volunteering at the church and two years later he became a full staff with OACA. He graduated from Bible school in March of 2019. Throughout the week he meets with the children, teen boys, and the men of the village for Bible studies and fellowship. Every other Sunday, the growing church plant meets for an evening service which Xhentil preaches at. All of these meetings are opportunities for Xhentil to mentor and disciple new believers, young and old, to mature in their faith and pursue God every day.

Jonada Sehati

She is from Pojan, a village just outside Korca. She was a believer for a year before she began working with OACA in May of 2017. At the beginning of 2020, she transferred into an administrative position at the church in Korce, helping with legal and financial operations. She also plays an important role in translating and building the VBS curriculum used in many of the churches.

Xhoniel Baçellari

He is from Korca and he is married with two boys. Xhoni began working with OACA in 2009 and became a Christian a year after taking the position. He works in the office at the church and has a wide range of roles and responsibilities. He oversees finances for the OACA in Albania.


Florjan and Ashley Adili

Flori is from Korce, Albania, and has been in the church since he was eleven. He has a degree in Social-Political Administration and he earned his Bible Degree in 2019. Flori volunteered with junior high students for many years before becoming church staff in 2018. In 2020, he became an OACA missionary. Ashley is from Detroit, Michigan. She first came to Albania in 2018 for missions and moved here in June the following year. Since then, she has been media manager and stepped into junior high ministry with Flori.

Sokol and Sara Bori

Sokol is from Durres and moved to Sheqeras when he was young. He has been a believer since he was a teen and was baptized at eighteen. He worked for the church for four years and came on full-time with OACA as a pastor in training in 2017 following Bible School. Sara is from Detroit, Michigan. In 2018, God called Sara to Himself and to missionary life. She arrived again in May 2019 to work at the girls’ home and to do ministry in the village of Sheqeras. That ministry includes meeting with girls, preteens, children, and the whole church.

Paul and Albana Alkazaraji

They have been with OACA since 2003. Paul is from Bath, England, and first visited Albania in 1998 as a journalist. Albana is from Erseka and is a trained English teacher. The two of them wed in 2000. Albana was involved in children's ministry in Erseka and is now involved with children and women in Vloçisht. Paul came on as team leader in Vloçisht in 2011. He oversees staff there and their church plant in Bulgarec, which is growing every week.